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Business Law

“I have been a client for over 20 years and can only speak of Mr. Spotts in the highest regard. If you want an attorney that communicates well and knows exactly what he is doing rest assured you are in good hands.” ~Bryan

Michael Spotts has maintained an active Business Law practice for over 25 years.

Over the last 25+ years Mr. Spotts has maintained an active business and commercial law practice. During that time Mr. Spotts has represented businessmen and women, corporations, LLC’s, partnerships, construction companies, institutional clients in the financial services and insurance industries, and Governmental Agencies in both State and Federal courts. Although Spotts Law Offices has extensive business and commercial law experience, our focus is on problem solving in order to try to keep our clients out-of-court whenever possible, and to look to the courts only when other avenues have been exhausted. At Spotts Law Offices we believe in personal attention to each client’s particular needs rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our main source of new commercial law and business clients is primarily from referrals from our prior and existing clients. Contact us about how we can accomplish your business and commercial law goals in the following areas of practice:

Business Law:
Business law deals with the creation of new businesses entities such as corporations, limited liability corporations (LLC), and Partnerships. Business law also pertains to the issues that arise as existing businesses interact with its employees and vendors, the public, other companies, and the State and federal government. Attorney Spotts has experience in a variety of legal disciplines, including tax law complex financial disputes, intellectual property, real property litigation, , sales and secured transactions under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), employment law, bankruptcy, and others business related legal issues.

Business or Commercial Lease Agreements:
A Commercial Lease is a contract between a landlord and tenant for the rental of a business property. Nearly every business needs an office space or a storefront, and a Commercial Lease allows the landlord to protect his or herself. The lease agreement will spell out what the property will be used for, who pays property taxes, who pays for the HVAC, electrical and plumbing repairs and maintenance, and what triggers the end of your Commercial Lease. If you are the landlord needing a lease agreement or you are the business owner looking to lease space but need guidance on the terms in the lease the landlord wants you to sign, contact Attorney Spotts before you sign on the dotted line.

Complex Financial Litigation:
Mr. Spotts has the experience needed to litigate complex financial disputes between businesses, between shareholders and partners, and between individuals. His undergraduate degree in Finance along with years of experience in analyzing financial statements, accounting, and other business records can be used by Mr. Spotts to advise you on matters arising out of complex financial disputes.

Construction Disputes and Lien Law:
Mr Spotts has been representing contractors, subcontractors and developers in advising and litigating construction issues involving alleged defects, missed deadlines, construction contract matters, and construction lien cases for two decades. Construction is an inexact science and construction disputes happen. Spotts Law is available for representation during arbitration, in mediation, and litigating construction disputes.

Contract Law:
All businesses and individuals will at one time or another have to deal with contracts, both written and verbal contracts. Since a contract is a legally binding agreement, and even an honest contractual mistake can cause a dispute, it is crucial that all business owners and individuals have at least a basic understanding of contract law. Did you know that verbal contracts can be enforceable? Did you know that there are certain contracts that must be in writing in order for them to be enforceable? Spotts Law Offices is well versed in creating, drafting, reviewing and litigating contract disputes for you and your business.

Fraud and False Pretenses:
Fraud, fraudulent inducement, and false pretenses all sound like crimes. But did you know that those matters have a civil component as well? In Florida and in Federal courts there are several causes of action that fall under the umbrella of fraud. Mail fraud, Bank fraud, and Wire fraud are civil causes of action. Ponzi schemes can be a civil cause of action. Fraudulent representation and fraudulent inducement are both civil causes of action. Many civil cases based on fraud may involve not just compensatory damages, but also punitive damages as well, and these causes of action can be brought by an individual and a governmental agency, state or federal. Protect yourself and your business from accusations of fraud in a civil setting, and call Spotts Law Offices for a consultation.

Intellectual Property:
Intellectual property (IP) is considered a property right under Florida and federal law. In general intellectual property consists of patents, copyrights, service marks, trademarks, and trade secrets. Spotts Law Offices concentrates its intellectual property practice defending individuals and companies who have been alleged to have infringed upon another’s intellectual property. Have you received a “cease and desist” letter? Have you been advised that you are infringing on someone else’s intellectual property and threatened with a lawsuit? Has a lawsuit been filed against you for infringement upon another’s intellectual property? If you have do not ignore these important documents as many matters of infringement can be time sensitive. If you’re unsure as to what steps need to be taken once you receive a cease-and-desist letter, a letter threatening suit, or a lawsuit itself Spotts Law Offices can help.

Labor Law:
Florida is an “employment at will” State. Florida is also a “right to work” State. As an employer do you know what those terms really mean? As an employer you should know that the rights of employees in Florida are protected by a number of State and federal laws such as wage and hour laws, overtime laws, retaliation and discrimination laws, and the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Defending an allegation that you or your business violated employment and labor laws can be expensive, time consuming and could lead to a lawsuit in State or Federal Court. As an employer you should know your rights, protect your business, and take steps to avoid costly litigation. If you are unsure about whether a particular employment or labor law applies to you, or if suit has already been filed against you, Immediately contact Spotts Law Offices.

Motorsports Law:
Mr. Spotts has certainly found a niche in motorsports law as an advocate and the author of over 25 columns in the motorsports publication Motorsports Sponsorship Marketing News. The legal side of the motorsports industry consists of many contracts, insurance policies, waivers and releases. Do you have written agreements with your vendors and affiliates? Does your life or health insurance have exceptions for dangerous activities such as participation in motorsports that may make you ineligible for coverage under those insurance policies because you are engaging in a dangerous activity? Have you signed waivers and releases from various sources before you engage in any motorsports activity? If you’re unclear as to terms of your contracts, the coverage of your insurance policy, or the scope of your waivers and releases Spotts Law Offices can provide guidance to you. Please call us today.

Non-Compete Agreements Non-Disclosure Agreements and Trade Secrets:
Does your business have key personnel that you want to prevent from leaving your business and working for a competitor? If so a no- competition or non-compete agreement (NCA) may be needed. Are there customer lists, confidential or proprietary information, Trade Secrets, or business methods that gives your business a competitive advantage over your competition and you want to keep that information confidential from your competitors and out of the marketplace? Then a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) may be needed. Mr. Spotts has experience drafting and litigating non-competes, and non-disclosure agreements, and Trade secret cases. Call Spotts Law Offices to see if your organization can benefit from a non-compete or a non-disclosure agreement.

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