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Criminal Law

“Michael worked feverishly to get me out of a very difficult situation. His passion and thoroughness was evident in his work. I couldn’t be more impressed.” ~Gary

Have you been charged with a criminal offense? If so, it is important to make sure that your attorney and their staff is keeping you updated on the status of your case and that your rights are being preserved. Michael Spotts has over 27 years of experience representing clients in both felony and misdemeanor cases in State and Federal Courts.

Spotts Law Offices will, upon request, provide you with the minimum and maximum penalties applicable to you on the charges against you, and explain how the State or Federal Sentencing Guidelines may apply to your case.


When charged with a crime such as driving under the influence, or driving with an unlawful blood alcohol level, time is of the essence not only on the charge itself, but also on the issues surrounding the drivers license suspension that occurs ten (10) calendar days after you are arrested. At Spotts Law, we handle both the criminal aspect of the DUI as well as the administrative review process with the DMV on your driver’s license suspension. Don’t hesitate; you only have ten (10) calendar days from the date of your DUI arrest to file the necessary written request with the DMV in order to challenge your driver’s license suspension.

Driving while License Suspended or Revoked:
A valid driver’s license can be one of the most important cards in your wallet. Florida laws applicable to the suspension or revocation of a drivers license can be complicated and confusing. Spotts law offices is experienced in handling drivers license suspensions and revocations in the criminal Courts, in the administrative process with the DMV in relation to a DUI, and in points suspension or other suspensions or revocations. Challenging a drivers license suspension or revocation is time sensitive and Florida law has strict time deadlines that must be met. Contact Spotts Law Offices about your driver’s license suspension, revocation, or the availability of a “hardship license” or a “work purposes” license.

Drug Offenses:
It is very important when dealing with one of these types of charges that an experienced criminal defense attorney is contacted to protect your freedom, your record, but also your ability to drive. Spotts Law is experienced in all types of drug cases and can use that experience to assist you in your case.

Bond Hearings:
Have you or a loved one been charged with a crime and there is no bond, or a very high bond that’s unaffordable? Being incarcerated without bond, or with such a high bond that it is not affordable. Being held in jail without bond or with a high, unaffordable bond keeps you away from your family, makes you unable to go to work or school, and makes you less available to communicate with your attorney in preparing your case. Spotts Law Offices has experience in handling “no bond” and bond reduction hearings. Contact us today.

Assault, Battery and Violent Crimes:
A violent crime on your record can have far reaching implications. Being charged with a violent crime can impact your life in many ways besides the possibility of jail or prison time, fines and Court costs. Having a crime of violence on your record can be used to deny employment, or deny you the right to rent a home, condo or apartment. Employers and property managers often conduct background searches to see if an applicant has been charged or convicted of a crime of violence, or had a restraining order entered against them.

Domestic Violence and Dating Violence:
Have you been charged with a violent crime or have you been served with a temporary restraining order for domestic or dating violence? Having a crime of violence on your record can cause permanent impacts on your life beyond the fines, court costs and the potential jail or prison time applicable to your charges. Employment can be denied as a result of a domestic or dating violence charge or restraining order. Renting an apartment, condominium or home can be refused if you have a domestic or dating violence history whether it was for a criminal charge or for a restraining order or injunction. Child custody can be impacted as a result of domestic or dating violence charges or restraining orders. Protect your rights and call Spotts Law Offices now.

Violation of Probation:
Violating probation can, and often does land a person in jail without bond. A Probation Violation can be the result of a new arrest (called a ‘new law violation”) while a probatinee is on probation. A Probation Violation can be the result of a “technical violation” such as not reporting to your probation officer, not completing certain terms or conditions of probation, or simply failing to pay your fines, court costs or supervision fees. Preserve your rights, contact us now about your VOP.

Computer Related and Cyber Crimes:
Today almost everyone has a computer, tablet, laptop or mobile phone. Did you know each can be characterized as a “computer” resulting in a computer related or cyber crime? Today sexting, bullying, threats, possession of pornographic images, posting pornographic images without another’s consent are all cyber-crimes, many of which are both state and federal crimes.There are computer related and cyber-crimes that are considered sex crimes under Florida and Federal law. Don’t hesitate, if you have been charged with a computer related or cybercrime tell us about your case. Further information on Sex crimes and computer or internet related sex crimes are discussed below.

Sex Crimes and Computer or Internet Related Sex Crimes:
Have you been charged with a sex crime or a computer or internet related sex crime? Being charged with a sex crime can impact your life in many ways besides the possibility of jail or prison time, fines and Court costs. In Florida a conviction for a sex crime such as lewd and lascivious behavior, sexual assault , statutory rape , and certain computer or internet related sex crimes could result in being labeled a sex offender or a sexual predator which could require registration , incarceration beyond your criminal sentence under the Jimmy Ryce Act, prohibit you from residing in certain places, prohibit you from going to certain places, and prohibit you from certain employment. Sex crimes and computer or internet crimes can be brought in State or Federal court. If you are charged with a sex crime or a computer related or internet sex crime you need to know your rights and the implications of what a conviction for a sex crime involves. Don’t hesitate to learn those rights.

Economic or White Collar Crimes:
Today many law enforcement agencies have an economic crimes unit. Many State and all Federal prosecutors’ offices have economic crimes units devoted strictly to the prosecution of economic crimes, tax cases, Ponzi schemes, mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, credit card crimes, theft, and other economic crimes. Spotts law offices has experience in State and Federal Courts in defending those charged with an economic or white collar crime.

Sometimes there are flaws in your case and/or legal errors that affected the outcome of your case. Spotts Law Offices handles Appeals and can advise you on and guide you through the Appellate process. Remember there are very strict time limitations for filing an Appeal so time is of the essence. If you miss the deadline for filing an Appeal your Appeal could be lost on procedural grounds regardless of the merits of your case, or the errors committed.

Most persons associate “Arson” as an intentionally started fire or explosion. But, Florida and Federal law no longer have that “intentional” element for the government to secure a conviction. There are some instances where a fire that is set unintentionally can lead to an Arson charge.

There are many forms of burglary in Florida. Burglary of a structure, burglary of a dwelling, burglary of a conveyance are the most common. There are other factors that can affect the severity of a burglary charge such as whether the person accused was armed, or committed a battery in the course of the burglary, and whether the person accused caused damage to the structure, dwelling or conveyance. Tell us about your burglary charges and how we can help you.

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